Smooth Geomembrane
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0.75mm Smooth HDPE Geomembrane

Application: 1. Aquaculture industry (shrimp pond, fishpond, Ricefield eel pond, seaweed aquaculture pond, etc.) 2, agriculture (lotus root planting, reservoirs, drinking ponds, storage ponds, irrigation systems, etc.) 3, gardens (artificial lakes, river courses, reservoirs, golf course bottom lining, slope protection, greening lawn waterproof, moisture-proof, etc.) 4. Water Conservancy (e.g. seepage prevention, plugging, reinforcement, canal seepage prevention, vertical core wall, slope protection, etc.) 5, anti-seepage roof (root piercing, planting roofing, roof waterproofing, Roof garden and other impervious works). 6, underground anti-seepage (transportation facilities, subway, highway foundation reinforcement, basement, plant and other impervious). 7. Environmental protection and sanitation (such as landfills, sewage treatment plants, powe

  • 0.75
  • WSL
  • HS CODE:3920109090